October 1st, 2009

asleep at mal 9/09

and now, some cool links...

http://www.deusexmalcontent.com/2009/09/petition-to-state-of-california-in.html (excellent satire re: roman polanski fail)

http://lnk.ms/2V9DR nero's rotating banquest hall - as others have commented where would we be if the dark ages didn't occur? if christianity didn't stamp out scientific thought for so long?

The Homosexual Agenda: http://bit.ly/4wjUA/ New_York (very funny; from matociquala)

http://bit.ly/B2Wps - crazy - http://bit.ly/1rf6Gq full text of the original column - when do these people go from protected free speech to incitement to violence

horrible - NYT covers dismissed lawsuit of lesbian woman & her children kept from dying partner by hospital http://bit.ly/4CrMG (from docbrite