October 20th, 2009

asleep at mal 9/09

this (from theweaselking)

39-year-old man joins the US Army because he lost his old job and they're the only employer who'll cover his wife's chemotherapy.

it made me cry, and is another example of how fubar our current "health care system" is

i simply cannot comprehend the republican/religious right or anyone who's against reform and a public option on this topic - people are dying; people are going bankrupt; kids aren't getting needed checkups, vaccines or dental care; no-one can afford the cost of many prescription medications without insurance ($2300+ for a one month supply of one prescription at walgreens if bc/bs didn't cover all but $50 of it); in the meantime, insurance companies are making big bucks for denying care to those who can afford coverage - this is wrong, wrong, wrong

please, if you haven't done so yet, contact President Obama, your senators and representatives and tell them you want real reform and a public option - no-one should ever have to make this kind of choice
asleep at mal 9/09

this is so me when it comes to reading...

i think this came from docbrite on twitter but if i'm wrong it's worth the time anyway if you love books

in moschus's observations on obsessive reading it felt like she was talking about how and what i read (and the need for me to read - new works, old favorites, sci-fi, and shakespeare and all sorts of other things)


i tend to think she's probably dead on about how important reading is for a writer as well, but not being more than a blog writer myself i cannot accurately assess that

otoh, i've been doing some editing when my brain works and i have time, and reading is definitely important in many ways to building those skills