May 1st, 2010

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Blogging Against Disablism Day 2010

Today is Blogging Against Disabilism Day 2010. has lots more posts and information.

I'm going to do a variation on this meme, because it's something I run into a lot.

Five Accessibility Issues -- "Write down the first five accessibility issues you have as you go about your normal day, and your solutions, if any. The micro level stuff that you get around with duct tape and cussedness, I mean. The practical, every day stuff you don’t really think about anymore."

Collapse ) So train your staff to treat me like a human being; politeness and a little assistance if I need it go a long way toward earning my business.

Collapse ) It's the simple things you've obviously failed to think about that make an already difficult task into the only thing I can manage to do today and tomorrow, and that is not good value.