May 26th, 2010

asleep at mal 9/09

Saturday - Tuesday Twitter/Updates

Link porn

What liberaterians like Rand Paul don't get:

Interesting: A conservative take on Red/Blue states and their populations. #politics. Lots of interesting questions raised here, and the writer does it well.

Gah. What the hell? Anti- choicers give fetus dolls to other people's kids: #pro-choice #feminism
They tried this in Scotland: Glaswegian MP "I canna see what all the fuss is aboot. I put a squea k in it, and gie it to the dog." [Quote from @stardragonca]

Star Trek: TNG interview w/ Mirina Sirtis (Troi) & Jonathan Riker (that should say Frakes, his real last name) #video #geek

This should make you think twice. The sugar equivalent of 20 worst drinks in America: [Definitely an eye opener; thankfully I cut out almost all sweetened drinks years and years ago.]

Awesome! New art on Annie Wu's blog. The Mighty Boosh! Also, original art is in the shop.

Some States including VA still do not allow restraining orders against people you date; ridiculous and in desperate need of revised laws. #rapeculture

Open letter to 8th grade boys: /dmWttL Impressive. Everyone, especially boys/men should read this. #feminism #rapeculture
[I was speechless seeing that an 8th grader wrote this. She's going to be a force to reckon with all her life. Wish someone had made such a succinct case when I was in 8th grade.]

Mark Twain's autobiography is finally going to be published 100 years after his death. #book #geek
[One of many reasons I want competition for the ipad now - I would very much like a slate computer of some sort, but the ipad is very pricey and I'm not sure I'd buy one even if I could afford it. Too many limits placed on its development and use and service through AT&T only are both turnoffs from my POV. Ebooks, portable internet, writing and editing tools, music, etc. on a decent screen size I can hold like a book would be great.]

BP/Gulf Oil Spill Roundup

Officials Back to Gulf as Frustration on oil spill spreads.

Did Kevin Costner help devdlop tech that will make a difference? gulf oilspill I'm dubious but it's possible.
Although how desperate is BP if they're touting an actors pet project as a fix?

Not just an oilspill in the gulf: more on the aftermath.

More toxic, less effective dispersants are used by BP on gulf oil spill. why? Money, old boys network: So people, wildlife, the environment lose.

BP delays new attempt to stop oil leak in the Gulf:

On oilspills and human rights in Nigeria.

Body tracking

Saturday [no tweets]:
1 thing: sewing, napping Pain/numb ~ 6/6; weather sunny. 24 hour urine collection test started ~ noon; collecting was a pain in the ass. Had a very hard time getting to sleep but my hands and brain were mostly working so there was also a long post or two. #almeds

21:00 Today's 1 thing: nap, dancing later. Finished 24 hour test #1 at about noon, which fucked my sleep. Pain/numb = 8/8. #almeds

02:56 Home: danced but not enough. Pain 8/numb10. Just burned myself (I think) making a "quesadilla." Brillaint (sarcasm). [Yep, I burned my left arm again, another scar to see. There's a whole row of them from wrist to forearm now. Neuropathy for the win] #almeds

14:56 Today: pain/numb 6/5. Warm & sunny. Unfortunately a food in/food out day though. Stupid body. 1 thing: some sewing, workout?. Fast after 6pm #almeds [Workout not accomplished.]

15:02 Tomorrow (after 14 hours of fasting) 9am appt for blood draw/test 1. Thur 8:30am appt for non-fasting blood draw 2 (lots of tests) #almeds

14:39 Home from Doctors office finally, blood test #1 complete. That was the 1 thing for today. Pain/numb = 9/7 (migraine). Snack, nap now #almeds

[dreadeddragon came by later to cut our hair and dye T's - yeah freshly shaved heads, fresh color and no more dead ends. Glad she could do T's hair; numb hands are not conducive to handling sectioning and brushes. Not much else - no tweets, no reading online, watched some Farscape.] #almeds

Still no cuts on these, but they are heavily culled after being shipped by loudtwitter. Feedback welcome.