June 30th, 2010

asleep at mal 9/09

Lost Tuesday

I seem to have lost yesterday entirely. I think I also missed the later half of Monday.

I have a splitting headache today, and I feel like my brain is only working at 50%; it's one of those days where everything is fuzzy and I'm moving through molasses.

Obviously Monday I tweeted, so I have a record of how I spent my evening... but yesterday I have nothing new online that I can find. These blanks still scare me, and I'd really like some answers as to what's going on now - having a name for them is useless when it's a catch-all for something with an unknown cause.

What I can reconstruct from the mess in the kitchen/bathroom is:

I showered at some point yesterday as my hair is no longer up, the lights and fasteners were strewn over the floor, and my towel was balled up on the kitchen table and still wet.

I am fairly sure I sorted and took my daily meds as this morning's pile was bedside with a different glass/container than I made up Monday for Tuesday morning. Obviously I ate lunch and ran the dish washer.

And we cooked lentil soup for dinner - the empty ingredients packages are on the counter and the dutch oven in the fridge is about 3/4 full. I don't see any new burns or cuts, so at least that's something.

If I missed anything important, feel free to drop me a link here; I am going back no more than 200 entries on my friends list, so I apologize if I should be responding to something but am not.

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