July 22nd, 2010

asleep at mal 9/09

Life and medical tracking update

This one is long, feel free to skip it. (loudtwitter stopped services, I didn't notice, new email feed set-up)

Saturday 7/10
01:14 Dancing was a total failure - bad music, asshats, bands that sounded like shit. I remember why I don't go to bunker often anymore. #almeds

Sunday 7/11
15:06 Yesterday was meh. Pain/numb mainly in my hands/arms, not my knees/feet; intermittently sunny & damp out; hovered around 7/7 w/ meds #almeds
15:08 Today is sunnier and warmer; no pain meds yet, pain/numb 8/7. Yesterday's 1 thing: writing; today's: dancing. Spent ~ 4 hours lazing #almeds
15:10 and reading out on the patio in the sun. That felt lovely, but now I'm sleepy. I think I will be napping before dinner. #almeds

Monday 7/12
03:04 Mal was fun/meh.... djxian made me want to dance; miss amanda not so much. also crowd was a mix of regulars and too many tourists/hipsters
13:25 Decent night at the club - not enough dancing, but spent time catching up w/ ppl I haven't seen much. Sadly, dancing hurt a lot. #almeds
13:27 Today pain/numb isn't as bad, 6/6 atm. Reading, more job search, etc this afternoon; Wumpskate (www.ladead.com) later I hope. #almeds

Tuesday 7/13
02:37 Wumpskate wasn't bad - didn't skate more than 8-10 songs total; pain 9, numb 6; had fun talking to people though. #almeds hot h2o after=win
02:38 bedtime was 90+ minutes ago, but waiting for meds to do their job and make my muscles finish relaxing. tomorrow = quiet day #almeds
12:53 Slept well. Pain ? (meds from last night = still fuzzy), numb 7-8. Today: attempt workout later. It finally seems summer is here. #almeds
20:53 Workout successful, pain is, flexoril taken with dinner just now. Tomorrow's 1 thing: workout again. #almeds

Wednesday 7/14
13:07 8-9 hours of fractured sleep; definitely summer (yeah!). Pain/numb 7/7. Today's 1 thing = workout. Right now, some reading. #almeds
22:47 Workout done, about 1/2 of yesterdays, but it's something. Dinner too (Hebrew Nat'l dogs, Bushes Baked Beans, & Tomato). Sleep soon. #almeds

Thursday 7/15
18:16 Today has been busy - more job stuff & some sewing; short workout later (no hands/arms). Pain/numb now 7/7. Stomach unhappy again. #almeds
21:39 No workout today-tomorrow instead. Pain/numb ^ to 9/9 now, 1/2 done w/ the simple skirt I started earlier. Bedtime meds & sleep soon #almeds

Friday 7/16
10:36 Slept ok, woken early by A showing up (I forgot). Pain/numb 8/9 atm, hoping some time in the sun will help. Stomach still upset too. #almeds

12:04 I've spent this morning reading about thyroid issues + fibromyalgia + CFS + memory loss. The ^ pain may be due to thyroid or fibro #almeds
12:06 I think I need to go back on cytomel/pure t3 to get the pain back under control. & the memory loss may be from to Hashimoto's too #almeds
12:08 Hashimoto's can cause inflammation across the board, and the memory loss if it's related can be treated w/ steroids. Must ask doc. #almeds

12:49 This is good, and it helps. http://distractible.org/2010/07/14/a-letter-to-patients-with-chronic-disease/ #health

19:13 Today's 1 thing: workout (after soma dropped pain/numb to 7/7). Back at 9/9, but at least this time it's because I did something. #almeds
19:15 Shower when A's done. Then dinner - scrambled eggs w/ goat's milk cheddar & salad from our container garden: pepper, tomato, herbs. #almeds

22:41 Make a point of starting something that you've been dreaming of, but haven't gotten around to yet. There's really no better time than now. RT @kambriel (Reminder: work on this)

Saturday 7/17
15:01 Broken sleep, up, annoyed and semi-depressed for no apparent reason. Pain/numb 8/7 atm. Today's 1 thing: dance - hope it helps mood. #almeds

Sunday 7/18
12:11 A bit of dancing last night, but not enough. Will try again tonight. Pain/numb 7/6, just got back from the farmer's market. #almeds
12:17 Strawberries, peaches, corn, green beans, tomato, cucumber, salad greens, peppers, bbq pork ribs for T. And very little walking. #almeds

Monday 7/19
14:39 Ovarian cysts suck. Pain at 10 with waves to 12 before pain meds since yesterday afternoon. Meds drop it to 7-9 but damn it hurts. #almeds
14:41 Danced some (not enough but better than saturday) last night. After meds, arm/hand/hip pain/numb 7/7. Today's 1 thing laundry. #almeds

Tuesday 7/20
15:17 Danced some (not enough but better than saturday) last night after meds, arm/hand/hip pain/numb 7/7. Today's 1 thing laundry. #almeds

17:09 Thyroid problems related to gluten intolerance? More questions for doctor. http://thehealthyskeptic.org/?p=835 #almeds

Wednesday 7/21
11:24 Gah. Construction woke me up way early. Headache, pain/numb 8/9. Right arm/hand totally useless. At least the cyst burst around 3am. #almeds
11:31 Of course, that means I was up til almost 4 dealing with the aftermath of cyst, so waking up at 10am was bad. Tired and cranky. #almeds
11:50 Today's 1 thing - job search, drs stuff, package to @shadesong. Hope numb decreases so I can work on some sewing. Stupid body. #almeds
13:41 Blarg - construction outside continues to be very loud and annoying. This is not helping my headache - it's becoming a migraine fast. #almeds
asleep at mal 9/09

Things to think about

Make a point of starting something that you've been dreaming of, but haven't gotten around to yet. There's really no better time than now. (From kambriel)

I'm working on this; I've created an etsy shop (currently empty, but hope to have items up next week) and I'm working on new pieces for a fashion show on 8/15. Thus far I have bottoms done for three models, with at least two more models planned, and I need to make tops and accessories. The theme is black-light and light up designs, and the event is being held at Redondo Beach Arts Center; more details as I get them.

http://distractible.org/2010/07/14/a-letter-to-patients-with-chronic-disease/ is excellent. I know how frustrated I get with all these health issues, and that my doctors don't always know how to help. It's good to see things from the doctor's point of view.

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