July 31st, 2010

asleep at mal 9/09

Quick life update

At the moment, most of my functional cycles are being spent sewing; I'll be doing a fashion show as part of the Arts Festival at http://www.redondo.org/depts/recreation/facilities/rbpac/default.asp. The theme is black-light reactive and light up clothing, so fortunately I already had some pieces made, but I still have a lot of work to do.

My goal is to have five ensembles done - one each unisex kilt and skirt with fitted tops (modeled by boys), and one or two more feminine skirt styles with tops, and one or two dresses (modeled by women). Also, a few light up or blacklight reactive hair accessories.

Also, shadesong is doing a blogathon (24 hours, one fiction post per hour) for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center and she's auctioning off some really cool stuff, including a hair wrap by me. You should definitely check out the auctions, and support BARCC if you can.

I have the start of an etsy page up at http://savagegodsdesigns.etsy.com. There's not much there yet, but a lot of the items I'm making for the fashion show will be available (custom made to order) on etsy in a few weeks.

In the meantime, I'm not even remotely keeping up with everyone's lj, etc. Drop me a note or comment if there's something I should see.

Boring medical tracking ahead, feel free to skip over this

Thursday 7/22/10
2:45pm Productive today: took picutures of hair wraps (now on Mac) caught up on tracking in lj. Pain/numb 8/8, will workout later damnit. #almeds
2:48pm Right now I'm going to fix lunch & take meds, and edit images if I can make iphoto cooperate. Guts still squicky after cyst burst. #almeds

Friday 7/23/10
12:58pm Construction nearby sucks. And burning numbness in my hands is worse. Best sleep I've had in days was the nap on the couch yesterday #almeds
1:02pm that took the place of my workout. I'm grumpy, tired, and want to scream or smash things. I am useless like this. Pain/numb 9/9 #almeds
3:08pm Sunshine and reading helped the mood if not the pain. I would like my hands to work properly for a day or two please! Lunchtime now. #almeds

Saturday 7/24/10
10:30am Whee... went to an 80's night at the same club as Mal; it was fabulous. Tons of synthpop, new wave, etc. I danced a good bit even though...
10:33am it hurt. Burning pain doesn't seem to go away with movement or exercise, but it was worth it. Endorphins for the win. #almeds
10:37am Pain/numb 8/6, no construction (thank you weekend), slept well (& dreamt about a small club show w/ Ultravox; Dancing w/ Tears in My Eyes...
10:39am is on repeat in my brain still). So yesterday's 1 thing = dance. Today's 1 thing = sew, edit & post photos of hair wraps. #almeds

Sunday 7/25/10
3:28pm Slept late today (after 2). No construction, but pharmacy calls woke me twice. Pain/numb 8/7. One thing: dance tonight at Mal. #almeds

Tuesday 7/27/10
5:47pm Exhausted. Yesterday we ate & hung out w/ friends in SanDeigo (2+ hour drive each way; pain/numb then fluctuated 7-9/6-8). #almeds
5:49pm Today we went to the fabric district to pick up the rest of the materials for the fashion show 8/15/10. Pain/numb=8/7. #almeds

Wednesday 7/28/10
11:07am Today's 1 thing: bloodwork (done, only 3 vials thankfully), sew. Pain/numb 8/9 atm; I was up really early for test. Nap then sew. #almeds
12:34pm Nap failing due to pain; instead reading and TENS in the hopes that I can sew in a bit. I need my hands to work please. #almeds
4:38pm I give, will do other stuff as I'm in no shape to get near sewing machine today. Food in, food out on top of continued pain = suck. #almeds

Thursday 7/29/10
2:07pm Awake. Poor, fractured sleep; up every 2-3 hours due to pain/stomach issues. Pain/numb 9/8. Going to sit in the sun & sew, I think. #almeds
3:23pm Sun gone behind the building :( Attempting food (cucumber, pepper, cheese)-hopefully body is more receptive today, I am very hungry. #almeds
11:33pm Home from today's 1 thing: dinner at the https://www.edisondowntown.com/ for a friend's birthday. It's beautiful, but I'm dead. #almeds

Friday 7/30/10
5:40pm Slept better (although still broken) last night. Food in, food out day 3. I've gotten some sewing done anyway. Pain/numb 7/7 #almeds
9:24pm Additional accomplishment today: nap. Since I have a bit of extra energy now, we're going to go out for L's birthday thing @ bunker. #almeds

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