September 19th, 2010

asleep at mal 9/09

MacBook Question...

I know a bunch of you are Mac users, and I'm hoping one of you can direct me to a tool or menu that I'm not finding...

I want to be able to customize my desktop profile so that the OS X 10.5 default white backgrounds in applications such as mail, safari, ichat, itunes, etc is no longer white. I'd also like to be able to reset the default font sizes across the board (including the menu-bar across the top of the screen). I've tried their universal access plug-in but that seems to be fairly useless, as it only changes things within certain apps or allows you to reverse things to white on black which is just as glaring when I'm having a fuzzy day or struggling with a migraine.

I know I can adjust my screen resolution to make everything appear larger, but that fucks with video, photos, etc. And I can "calibrate" or dim the monitor, but that too changes everything - so if I recalibrate the monitor so white is the grey that I'd like it to be, all the colors are off. I've also reset preferences in the individual applications where possible, but mail for instance doesn't let me pick my background colors for most of it's stuff.

Does anyone know how to change this? I would compare it to setting up a custom theme on a Windows box, but I cannot find an option to do this for the MacBook. FYI, this is a MacBookPro, 2.4GHz Dual Core running OS X 10.5.8 (if upgrading to 10.6.x gives me the option, I can do that, but the information I'm finding on Apple's website doesn't look good, and I'm otherwise quite happy with how things run now).