November 11th, 2010

asleep at mal 9/09

An open letter to my doctor...

Collapse )The short version: some things are working, others aren't, but I like the new doctor, and he's working with me to figure out the best treatments for my body. Just getting me back on the correct thyroid medication has made a big difference, and I have faith that given time and money we'll be able to sort out more of the problems or find things that help. I need to win the lottery to pay for all this though.

And the twitter posts that talk about pain/numb, energy, sleep, etc are my way of keeping track of stuff - they're all technically on a 1-10 scale, but pain goes up to 13 as shown in this image. I consider any day where I start at a 5 a great day, a 6-7 is something I can work with provided I take lots of breaks, and at8+ it gets rough. I think the best energy day I've had in over a year is a 5 (10 being the highest), but between all the ways I'm broken I should be sleeping a lot more than I do, and even then my energy levels will probably never return to their previous highs.

Sadly, this took two days to sort out and put together, plus friends going over it to make sure I haven't missed anything. I would like my brain back please.