April 26th, 2012

asleep at mal 9/09

Been somewhat slack about updating so...

I've been reading when my brain is working. A Peter Straub re-read marathon right now - in the last few weeks I've done Floating Dragon, Ghost Story, In The Night Room, The Talisman and I've started on Black House. If you like creepy and fantastic novels you should check him out!

And I'll try to remember to do this a bit more often - thankfully I use twitter pretty much daily so I don't lose the basics but...

Lastly - for those of you who knit, I've acquired the basics for starting to teach myself, but I'm curious if you have suggestions for free online videos and/or sources in the US for non-wool natural yarns. I'm allergic to wool and dislike pure acrylics, so cotton, silk, and bamboo alone or blended are what I'm planning on working with. I'll probably suck at this for quite some time, but I promise to post progress pics when I get something to show. Handsewing is good for when I want to sit on the couch and watch 'tv' and I'm not too sore, but it's fucking slow and boring so I figured I'll give this a shot - a lot of you with chronic pain seem to knit.

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