June 23rd, 2012

asleep at mal 9/09

Unfucking totally fubar...

Since the last post, life has gotten in the way of pretty much everything else. T had emergency laproscopic gall bladder removal (and 4 days in the hospital plus a few more days out of it at home), and we both need dental work done which is not helping us get back to normal. Plus, Monday is my second 'evaluation' for medi-cal; the first was ~ 1 hour drive each way, 15 minutes of forms and less than 5 minutes with the doctor who quickly twisted my limbs around until I yelped in pain then said he needed my full medical records. No real discussion, no warnings that this may hurt or what he was going to do, a totally perfunctory waste of time. The next one is with a psych - I can't wait.

I've been writing almost nothing, doing the basic minimums of cooking, cleaning, etc, and going out once most weeks. T's been wonderful putting up with my body shutting down after we dealt with his health fail, and I'm finally starting to feel like it's summer (but broken immune system = stomach virus yesterday/today we think). Life is.

I have finished another nightgown for me and a kilt for a friend when my body and mind cooperate. I still haven't finished the damn pants he wanted but I'm closer, and knitting is fail - think I'm going to need to find a store with someone to teach me what the fuck I'm doing - I can cast on, but do not understand how to do the next row. Broken brain sucks at learning new things worse than ever; this should not be that hard.

Oh, and we got an Asus Transformer Prime tablet primarily for me - I like it so far for web, reading, solitaire, etc. It's lighter than a hardback, easier to see than a paperback, and I have the whole web available to read, which is a win when I'm having a crap day. Haven't done much streaming video on it; we usually watch 'TV' on my Macbook but what I have seen looked excellent. It is nice that this basically cost us nothing - T got a gift certificate at work and sold one of his older laptops which covered the rest of the cost. I'm quite pleased with the resolution, the selection of 'apps' and the performance; it's got a fucking quad core processor and it shows.

Hope everyone is doing well, those of you on the East coast aren't melting too badly, and that you get to have some fun this summer. I want to get better at keeping up here, so hopefully you'll see posts once every week or so once things calm down a bit.

One last thing - I actually wrote about dressing well and sexy as I get older and how my style changed. That's posted http://gothfash.livejournal.com/5195166.html as I'd love to have further discussion on it with lots of people! But if you don't want to follow the link or comment there, Collapse )