December 17th, 2012

asleep at mal 9/09

On fairness and lack thereof...

jaylake posted "A[n]... epiphanette concerning fairness" - And it elicited a fairly stong response from me.

I suspect a lot of it is differences in life experience, but my attitude for as long as I can remember has been a variation of "life sucks, then you die." I'm a bit less of a pessimist than that quote may indicate, but the reality is that shit happens to everyone, and that happiness requires effort. It's okay from my POV to be angry/sad/whatever about the crap in our lives and the world.

But it's not all right to totally give up, even if you can only make small shit better. I used to want to change the world; now I think the best I can do is change my corner of it and make a tiny dent in the larger world. And to select the corners I choose to occupy with care (which is a privilege like you wouldn't believe, but I'll take the extra points thank you) - if I can only fix the little stuff then it's easier to chose a community where there isn't too much for me to be angry about as home. And that gives me a safe place to begin when I have energy to work on changing the larger world.

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