alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

finally feeling somewhat better

lj just ate a long and rather boring vent, however, i got it out of my system...

job hunting is painful and frustrating - the jobs i suspect i'd enjoy don't pay enough for me to pay my bills, and the jobs that pay enough are things i have no interest in... none-the-less, i'm glad we got the house (if we didn't buy a house i would have quit by now), and i'll keep hunting for a job i can stand at a reasonable salary

spent most of the weekend being slack around the house and did a lot of sleeping and reading - we did get the new bed together on saturday - it's wonderful to sleep on a real bed again

this week i'm going to look for fabric for new comforter cover/dust ruffle/curtains so i can make them soon (since i can't find any i like) - i'm thinking a medium purple with black/silver burn-out velvet overlay for the comforter and silver/grey sheers for the window curtain and pelmut curtains (basically a faux canopy - our ceiling is a bit too low for a true canopy bed) around the bed - that should tie in the colors in the walls and furniture nicely - i'm also thinking i want a small chaise or armchair in the corner by the door for relaxing/reading
Tags: life with zooom

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