March 12th, 2015

asleep at mal 9/09

Officially Single...

I'd forgotten that I hadn't actually posted about this here, but I've been too busy trying to deal with stuff and/or being sick/in pain. T and M are engaged and now monogamous - I'm sad but surrounded by good people I love, and life goes on.

In other news, SSDI turned me down, so I need to file an appeal and find a new attorney - I got so frustrated with my last one that I asked WTF they were doing with my case (at 7 weeks into the 4-6 week period when I should have had an answer), and they decided to stop representing me when I was denied this round. This process is so fucked.

Staying with friends is mostly fine, but it's definitely fucking with my health further - I hurt more, I wake up most of the time with my eyes all sticky with sleep gunk (normal when I'm really sick at the old place), and in the last month and a half I've lost more weight - down to 105 at 5'7" - because my body seems to hate me/food even more. Plus I'm on either my second cold, or I'm getting thrush again. Yay auto-immune disease plus chronic fatigue, chronic pain, etc - I can't win.

That said, I may not have won yet, but I won't give up either, so back to the fight I go.