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asleep at mal 9/09
1/13/05 18:58
asleep at mal 9/09
feeling nearly 100% human now (throat still a bit scratchy but much better)

tonight i'm going to alchemy_dc, and this weekend a few people are going to descend on scranton pa because we love and miss staciadevi - should be interesting to say the least

have had a lot of things running through my head lately, but haven't had more than a few minutes to post here, hopefully soon i'll be able to write some of this down
1/14/05 0:34 (UTC) - Hi Sweetie!
To bad we won't be out tonight - would be good to see you. Give my best to your boi! ;)

1/14/05 18:22 (UTC) - Re: Hi Sweetie!
is all good; hopefully we'll get the house together over the winter and we can have you guys over for dinner sometime (we're still painting so half the stuff is in boxes piled everywhere)

hugs and love to you and megatronorg
1/14/05 18:36 (UTC) - Re: Hi Sweetie!
Oh, that would be awesome! - whenever it works best...very cool.

Aw, honey...lots of kisses and bearhugs for you two as well. :D

1/14/05 15:01 (UTC)
holy fuck! why scranton, PA? i grew up there and my family all lives there.

it is the ass end of the universe.

1/14/05 17:50 (UTC) - 'cause sadly, I live at the ass-end of the universe.
..& they're coming to visit me.

As for why am *I* here, don't think I don't ask myself that almost daily. My boss chose the area. After this summer, though, he has said I will be able to work for him remotely - which means I can move. Which, as much as I ahte it & I just moved here, I will. This environment drains out your good will.
1/14/05 18:34 (UTC) - Re: 'cause sadly, I live at the ass-end of the universe.
heh... drains out all your goodwill... ;)

my friends and i all call it "the valley of hate". you can feel your shoulders start to clench up as you cross over the mountains into wilkes barre .... *chuckle*

where are you living now? in actual scranton?


1/14/05 21:44 (UTC) - Re: 'cause sadly, I live at the ass-end of the universe.
Juuuust over the border of actual Scranton, Dickson City. The whole place depresses the bejeebus outta me. Valley of Hate is an appropriuate name. I could go on & on about this. Perhaps I will. I can even illustrate with some lovely photos I have taken of the area. Hmmm.

I hope you escaped to a better place. Then again, how hard would that be..? Wouldn't just about anyplace be better? & I say that, havng grown up next door to a projects, complete w/ crack house...
1/21/05 21:19 (UTC) - Re: 'cause sadly, I live at the ass-end of the universe.

My parents live in Archbald, and I went to Valley View high school. *chuckle*

And yes, I got out to DC. Came here for law school and never left.

I'm friends-ing you. Perhaps I can help you out when you want to go homicidal on the asshats in "da valley".