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asleep at mal 9/09
1/13/05 18:58
asleep at mal 9/09
feeling nearly 100% human now (throat still a bit scratchy but much better)

tonight i'm going to alchemy_dc, and this weekend a few people are going to descend on scranton pa because we love and miss staciadevi - should be interesting to say the least

have had a lot of things running through my head lately, but haven't had more than a few minutes to post here, hopefully soon i'll be able to write some of this down
1/21/05 21:19 (UTC) - Re: 'cause sadly, I live at the ass-end of the universe.

My parents live in Archbald, and I went to Valley View high school. *chuckle*

And yes, I got out to DC. Came here for law school and never left.

I'm friends-ing you. Perhaps I can help you out when you want to go homicidal on the asshats in "da valley".