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asleep at mal 9/09
vent - yesterday 
2/4/05 10:32
asleep at mal 9/09
here's my shift notice from work yesterday - it was a horrendous day

intermittent gig and ospf bouncing in seattle, ip eng and noc are still working this - escalated

started the day with over an hour working with paul on ticket, logged in late working on this

nutso day so far - lost most of the network's routes just as i walked in, then had a mass outage on the west coast (wreaking havoc with our traffic patterns at all our peering points to other isps), then we lost the firewall about 2:20 (and we can't do anything - lost mail, aim, internet, can't trace past 1 <10 ms <10 ms <10 ms gw-out.corp.cogentco.com []) - firewall was down until 2:40, mass outage continued on west coast til about 8pm, and there've been several other fun tickets, notably one in seattle that has a bouncing gig port and ospf that has been going on since the switch to layer2 overnight last night - all in all, a terrible day

below is arcain's take on work from his shift notice

> As I ponder bleak and bleary,
> on this afternoon so weary.
> Abba is the hold que tune.
> Horrified I sit in gloom.
> The customers are mostly vapid,
> wanting resolution rapid,
> they clamber out of haunted holes,
> to tear apart our helpless souls!
> Then the hour fast appears,
> soon to fill the air with cheers!
> "Time to leave, it's almost here!"
> Off to drink a case beer!

following work, i went and met pyrogus, deadmoonrising, dan and kacie (sp?) for a lovely dinner, then headed over to alchemy_dc to dance and drink away my frustrations

not much luck on the dancing - music was very on again/off again last night and i never really got into a good groove, however, i did succeed in getting quite thoroughly buzzed (i left my car at gus' so i wouldn't have to worry about driving - thanks again sweetie)

so far, today is more of the same - i am sooo frustrated with this place!!
2/7/05 13:09 (UTC) - Awww, poor sweetie!
*mondo big hugs*

I don't understand much about the technical side of your job, but phrases like "firewall down" "mass outage" & "lost mail, aim, internet" just ain't good.

Hope your weekend was spent as planned; updating resumes & getting that together. I so feel for you every time I see you post aboout your job. You deserve better.

Love Arcain's poem..is he on the lj? OR does his fuckyouanddie.com keep him too busy? This'd likely be an additional good place for him to vent too.

As long as no actual guns have come out, I'm a little less worried, but you need to get a different job. Soon.

Thinking of you -