alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

it's been quite a while

so... an update

1) food poisoning sucks (spent about 6 hours friday being violently ill - projectile vomiting and dry heaves are not a good thing at all - followed by the weekend laying around doing approximately nothing)

2) i'm now helping to edit articles for - buy it, the magazine's quite good

3) work is about the same, not worth complaining about, i'm still looking for a new career

4) alchemy_dc has been pretty good lately music wise, too bad i got so sick friday early morning, the music was very dancable when i left

5) missed at least 2 parties i was supposed to attend this weekend - b-day for uman, and a kill bill party hosted by devon

6) went to for the first time a few weeks ago and had a superb evening; the music was a nearly perfect mix of mostly oldschool industrial, ebm and 80's - both synth and off the wall stuff - we plan on going back there this saturday to hang with baltimore friends (if and of the dc crowd are interested, let me know - we're going up early for dinner w/ family, but i'll happily provide directions/info/etc)

7) zooom is doing well, he's working on the car/truck/bike a lot and occasionally helping me make a dent in house stuff

8) i need more hours in the day to get everything i want to complete finished, and i need to find a good public library near me - i'm out of books again

9) not only are we going to pennsic this year, we're also going to be at at the urging of staciadevi and pyrogus among others

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