alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

finally - a good week

we'll just ignore the fact that my job is the pits (although i may have a lead on a new one - thanks sweetie) and talk about all the good stuff instead

zooom took excellent care of me last weekend/the beginning of the week when i was so bleh from the food poisioning - he was exceptionally sweet and considerate

i've been reading a ton of good books lately which helps keep me happy (although i should perhaps read a bit less and socialize with the housemates a bit more some days)

i'm getting excited about pennsic already, mostly because i'm on council (ie: kaija, tananda, and i are the elected government for kindred this year) and we seem to be accomplishing quite a bit of planning for clan, plus it looks like this will be a good war as far as turnout and such

i had an amazingly great night at alchemy_dc on thursday, stayed til close dancing a ton on both floors

i must give all the djs props - while i wasn't always happy with some of the music, there wasn't a time when i was thinking that we once again had multiple floors of music and nothing to dance to (although the concert side djs should pay more attention - both myself and angldst noticed the same song (i forget which now) playing a 2nd time, less than an hour later)

i had great fun dancing with xpi sometime around the middle of the evening

and special thanks to defektiv for keeping me on the floor til they kicked us out

friday i was in such a good mood that the fact that i was paying heavily for all the dancing with pain and that i had to work couldn't even upset me too badly

saturday zooom and i met my mom/grandma at DaMimmo's in Baltimore for excellent italian food (we both had veal tenderloin w/ black truffle wine sauce - it was amazing)

then we went to fells point where we spent too much money at sound garden (no great surprise) and i bought a really cute skirt for under $40 at after midnight

following that, we headed to electroshock (since we were already in baltimore) where the music was once again fun and the crowd was pretty good - there were a bunch of kindred out too

i've missed catching dj warring on a regular basis so we will have to start going there more often as it's now been made a weekly event (although i'm sure there will be saturdays at chiaroscuro_dc too, especially when the weather gets better - i miss dancing on the deck)

and now, i must jet - hope you're all in a good mood too

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