alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

sucky weekend

my apologies to everyone we were supposed to see at lou and rob's - we had major car trouble on the way up (damn jersey roads - this is at least the 3rd time we've had tire problems up there, and is definately the worst)

saturday started off ok, but we got delayed in leaving for jersey because zooom had problems w/ the red scirocco - it died for no apprent reason - which resulted in a late start, however, we finally got on the road with me driving

after a couple of hours, we got into jersey and i was starting to feel really achy and numb (damn arthritis) and needed to have zooom drive, so around exit 3 i went to pull over to switch places with him; unfortunately, what appeared to be white lines painted on the road to both of us turned out to be a cement curb, which i hit at about 50? and blew my front tire totally screwing up my front end

we decided that driving the rest of the way through jersey with the donut/spare and the car like that was a bad idea, so we went up to the next exit, turned around, and headed home... got a few miles before the donut died; fortunately, the service station at the rest area we were almost at wasn't quite closed, so we were able to buy a new (totally mismatched, and not quite the right size) tire - but at least it got us home (i drove most of the way back too; at below 60 all the way)

took the car in to the shop this morning (and got pulled over for not wearing my seatbelt on the way - damn cops) - they took a look at the car, and said that pretty much everything except the front axel needs to be replaced on my front end - tires, rim struts, tie rods, etc - we're guessing over $2000 damage in all - thank goodness for usaa

while i'll be without the car for a while, they'll get it fixed and all i have to pay is the deductible - and i'm in a rental car til repairs are done (an automatic, ford taurus - bleh - but at least we have rental coverage)

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