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asleep at mal 9/09
a quick one... 
4/14/05 19:10
asleep at mal 9/09
life is busy as hell but good (work is still teh suck, but i should just get used to it)

dancing a lot lately - both at alchemy_dc and at electroshock in baltimore

house is coming together (mainly because frogmaus made us take the time to do it

hope to see loads of you out tonight (it's adam's last night spinning in dc before moving to portland oregon at the end of the month)

in other news, ego_likeness was kind enough to give me a beautiful drawing at the club which will be hung on the wall soon


staciadevi has a comic coming out... it's on the front page of http://www.linsner.com/ right now... go and peruse her comments and order a copy - her work is excellent
4/15/05 11:25 (UTC) - They can see it on the site -
- but they can't order it until the 1st week of May.

Thanks for the plug, o sexy one.

Being pimped out by gorgeous women..does it get any better...?