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asleep at mal 9/09
dancing saturday... 
6/16/05 19:17
asleep at mal 9/09
ikirus and i will be going to http://www.elektroschock.net - this will likely be his last night out before moving to la la land in a few weeks...

anyone interested in an evening of good dancing and great people?

the plan is to meet at the manor (aka my house) about 8:30pm before heading to baltimore; feel free to call or e-mail me for info to join us
6/17/05 1:07 (UTC)
hrm. V. tempting to finally go up there . . . but many many factors rule against.

Maybe I'll just see you at his going away party . . . (we're moving that day, but . . . )
6/17/05 5:11 (UTC) - Already mentioned this on Black Pages..
..I'd so be there if I could afford to be.

Please huggle the cute man from me.