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asleep at mal 9/09
come dancing 
6/27/05 23:42
asleep at mal 9/09
this thursday at alchemy_dc, dj warring from www.electroshock.net will be spinning,

and... i'll be dragging bells & jody out with me while they are in town

please come join us for an excellent night of dancing
(Deleted comment)
6/28/05 19:50 (UTC)
we've had a-typical music selection on the deck now that its open, fwiw.. Will be great to see Bells and Jody for sure :-D
6/28/05 12:38 (UTC)
y'all gonna be headed up our way at all?
6/28/05 21:23 (UTC) - we may be
in north jersey saturday and/or sunday; if we are i'll try to call you (provided your boy remembers to e-mail me your numbers)
6/28/05 14:21 (UTC)
should be fun. I might even wear pants this time!
6/28/05 14:35 (UTC)
hmmm tempting... even have weekend to recover for the envitable lack of sleep... veerry tempting.
6/29/05 2:07 (UTC)
Ill be there this thursday.
6/30/05 20:24 (UTC)
Have fun! :)