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asleep at mal 9/09
i'm home from war - dancing saturday? 
8/25/05 19:41
asleep at mal 9/09
just wanted to drop a quick note that once again a bunch of us will be going to www.elektroshock.net on saturday... please come join us for good music, drinks and dancing - for more info and caravan/carpool from MD, feel free to contact me

also, we'll be celebrating my birthday and various other september/october b-days on Saturday October 22nd at elektroshock - we'll probably plan to do group dinner beforehand somewhere close for those who are interested, but i wanted to post the date now so those of you who are interested in joining us can keep your calenders open

finally, some early pictures from pennsic - most of these are taken in kindred - http://www.lazygarden.net/2005/pennsic/misc/ and http://www.thalia.org/kender/Pics/Pennsic/Pennsic05/index.htm - these pictures are copyright lazygarden and lilkender respectively
8/25/05 23:59 (UTC)
count me in on the 22nd of October...
now that I have a date.. I can formulate a plan..
(I'll be trapping babysitters..lol)
8/26/05 1:48 (UTC)
Glad you made it home!!! Hope everything is all fixed with the car :)