alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

home from la - pout

i had an excellent trip to la, but now i'm home and currently back at work - yuck!!

going out there definately solidified one thing in my mind - i need to find a way to earn a living that involves more creativity and that i enjoy - i'm moving forward with my clothing company and details will follow as i get the trademark done and start putting up a website, etc

as usual, the flight out sucked (as did the flight home), but the rest of my visit was pretty damn amazing

thursday night bellz picked me up at the airport and we headed back to the basement (his office/studio/hang out space) for cocktails and hanging out. still being on east coast time i crashed kinda early, but it was a nice, relaxing evening

friday i did some shopping on melrose, shaving, coloring and putting up bellz' freshly cut 12"+ mohawk, some really good chinese food around the corner from the basement, clubbing at miss kitty's (the music was pretty much totally undanceable), and after hours at the basement (where i did get to dance, and wound up going home with someone absolutely gorgeous - go me)

saturday was a recovery day - drove up into the mountains for a look at the view (too much smog, but the drive was beautiful), watched some movies, went out for a delicious mexican dinner, and crashed in front of the tv at the basement almost immediately after starting to watch another movie

sunday a bunch of us went to six flags - it was great; just what i needed (we all needed it actually) - the group was me, bellz, dimitri, kristen, jareth, hawke, and zach - we hit half a dozen coasters plus a few of the carnival rides (and we all got season passes - buy the day the rest of the year is free) - my favorite coasters were goliath & tatsu, but we also rode deja vu, cyclone, ninja & revolution...

monday was another lazy day - had an excellent breakfast with my date from friday, then cartoons, napping, movies, packing, dinner at the french market, and hanging out at the basement (where the conversation is always good) was a great way to spend my last day out there for this visit

and spending so much time with all my creative friends reminded me how much i need to get my company moving - hurry up with that trademark so i can start working on stuff and quit my job please

back in the real world is some good and some bad - glad to be home, zooom is doing somewhat better (for those who didn't know he wrecked his bike a couple of weeks ago - he'll be ok, but for now is on crutches and out of work until the swelling in his left ankle goes down) and the house isn't too trashed (i'm pleasantly surprised about that); but even though i told everyone i'd be on vacation i still got requests that needed immediate attention sent directly to me while i was away, and i'm currently plowing through 600+ messaes in my work mailbox... ah well, back to the grind

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