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asleep at mal 9/09
friday update 
6/9/06 12:01
asleep at mal 9/09
the good:

rode my motorcycle to work for the first time today - still getting comfortable with the bike, but no problems (well other than perhaps pissing some of the cars behind me off a bit through rock creek park - i was riding between 25-35 - although the speed limit is 25) - it was just too beautiful out this morning to sit in the car

crowd at alchemy_dc was pretty good last night, and it was good to see those who rarely come out anymore, plus my friends liked the haircut almost as much as i do

the bad:

music on the other hand was all over the place - i'd just start to really hit a comfortable groove and then the dj would make an absoultely terrible choice and i was heading off the floor and into the other room again... some of the music i caught was excellent, but the lack of flow on the dance floor was frustrating to say the least, and i actually left earlier than usual because of it

we've only got 5 weeks left, please please please make the remainder of our time at nation a bit more consistently dancable
6/10/06 3:28 (UTC)
Motorcycle?! Yeah! Congrats! If we can find a couple of other people in the scene who ride maybe we can start a gang and get vests and everything. :-)
6/10/06 15:37 (UTC) - lol
i thought we already had a gang - after all, the reaction of mundanes to a crowd of us is at least as bad as to a crowd of hells angels...

although i think most of us are too hardcore individualists to sport matching vests ;)