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asleep at mal 9/09
we made it to la 
10/26/06 2:10
asleep at mal 9/09
in 4 days... left 12:30ish sunday, arrived 9pm ish eastern today - including a bit of a detour to ohio

apartment is tiny but cute (and not quite ready yet - we're 2 days earlier than anyone expected) - will post details of trip, etc soonish
10/26/06 6:59 (UTC)
welcome :)

you're about two weeks shy of my 1 year anniversary here, i think.
10/26/06 12:48 (UTC)

my pictures from your party
10/26/06 18:24 (UTC)
FYI - tried to follow your link and it gave a "Page not found - Oops! Looks like you followed a bad link. " error. searching by your username under people in flickr brings it up, however.

just thought you might want to know...
10/26/06 13:09 (UTC)
I am glad you all made it to the other coast alright. We miss you already :) good luck, have fun and I'll see you at Yule.
Lot's of Hugs
10/26/06 13:19 (UTC)
Im glad to hear that you made safe sweety. It will take sometime to get use. WE already miss you. Good luck with everything and keep in touch.


10/26/06 14:13 (UTC)
Yay for safe trips and faster than expected arrivals.
10/26/06 14:21 (UTC)
*hugs* I'm glad the trip went well and you are out there safe and sound.
I am very much looking forward to hearing about your adventure. :)

10/26/06 14:35 (UTC)
thank you for letting us now that you made it. that already makes the day seem brighter.
10/26/06 14:42 (UTC)
Hooray for having a safe trip to La-La land!
10/26/06 15:27 (UTC)
Yay! I'm so glad to hear you made it to LA safe and sound! *hugs*
10/26/06 16:43 (UTC)
glad you arrived safe!
10/26/06 17:30 (UTC)
2nd, 3rd, 4th, no whatever it. Glad you are safe. :-)
10/26/06 19:20 (UTC)
Glad you got there safe sweetie!
10/26/06 19:59 (UTC)
10/27/06 6:15 (UTC)
Heya! I'll be back on Monday. Want to grab coffee/a beer this week?
10/27/06 12:45 (UTC)
she's a tea or Amaretto DiSoronna girl....ocassionally she drinks Chartruese or Midori instead....just FYI.
10/27/06 15:50 (UTC)
btw, sincei haven't explicitely said it in this post but i've commented to other people, i should pipe up and say:

Yay! you made it to a warmer place that will hopefully make you happier than where you came from. sorry to have missed what seemed to be a kickin' shindig, but time/money just wouldn't allow. from the pics it looks like you had a good time. nice hawk :-) hope the prezzy Kaz sent got to you safe as well.
10/27/06 17:12 (UTC)
thanks - and yes, it did (well, it's at the house now, and zooom will send it to me with the first batch of mail i need to handle)

a question for you too - kaz said that she'd send back the shirt of zooom's that got packed when you guys were leaving war, and he asked about it the other day - can you remind her about that
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