alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

so far, holidays don't suck too much

ok... had a big family gathering today, not as bad as i expected, as per usual, my brother-in-law made himself look like an ignorant, bigoted ass, but other than that the day was as pleasant as can be expected with my family... yesterday, however, was fabulous... went to joe and dawn's wedding (nice ceremony, good food, open bar for like 4 hours) and had a good time, then went home, showered and shaved, and went to orpheus where i had the best night i've had in ages (and i usually have a good time there anyway)... get out on the dance floor, and this stunningly gorgeous woman starts hitting on me... i was floored and flattered beyond belief!! spent most of the rest of the evening dancing with her, but didn't really get to talk much (club level volume=bad conversation site)... invited her to new years anyway, and she already e-mailed me today... (huge shit eating grin) apparently not only is she gorgeous, she's smart too... can't wait to actually get to have a conversation with her (griffon is her name)... enough gushing for now, happy happy joy joy!!
Tags: dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, poly/open

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