alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

good day, very very tired

today the weather here was so gorgeous i decided to go out for a ride - geared up and managed to get the bike out of the back yard without dropping it, then just rode around totally lost for quite some time - i now have a somewhat better feel for the area between the house and burbank

found and went into frye's (a huge electronics/appliance store) which was totally overwhelming and felt like going into price club for high end tech stuff - NOT impressed, stopped at target to look at digital cameras and mp3 players (i like the canon A630/A640, now to see if i can find an affordable one)

then got lost again til i found laurel canyon - stopped at the grocery store for healthy snack stuff, then back to the house - my hands are killing me, but the riding was great and i plan on making time for that more often

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