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asleep at mal 9/09
note about this journal 
4/6/07 21:39
this journal is almost all friends only these days; if you're not on my f-list and i know you please feel free to drop me a note here so i can add you

4/7/07 4:46 (UTC)
I know you!
(Deleted comment)
4/7/07 18:04 (UTC)
you're already on there sweetie; this was for new folks
1/28/08 14:18 (UTC)
Hey lady lady! It's Kris, that random gothy girl who's hanging out in Osaka at the moment. ^^
1/28/08 18:12 (UTC)
hey back; you've been added ;) thanks
4/28/08 21:54 (UTC)
I added you to my friends list but I am not sure if that means we are friends on here now or not. I am still trying to maneuver my way through this space.
4/29/08 0:54 (UTC)
you've been added back; now you can probably read way too much about me