alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

prep continuing

just ducked in to pay some bills and check the mail... man is throwing a huge new years bash a ridiculous amount of work and expense (between price club and the liquor store we are at over $1200, and there's still a few things we haven't gotten)... house is coming along, however, i've decided that my landlord/roommate needs to be beaten severly... he re-arranged the laundry room (my closet) without talking to me, currently there are about $2000 worth of fabric on shelves which he has moved into the back corner against the outside wall (there had been 2 feet of clearance before he re-organized)... then he completely emptied our garage/smoking area into the front driveway, again without talking to anyone before doing this... shitloads of our stuff are now in the trash, other stuff is sitting outside in the damp/wind/cold which do not belong out there... can we say idiotic? anyway, must go back out into the cold to deal with this and salvage as much of the stuff as possible... this weekend better improve soon, or i'm going to be a total raving bitch by the time the party starts!!
Tags: life with zooom, on the east coast

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