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asleep at mal 9/09
medical update 
8/8/07 16:24
asleep at mal 9/09
first some links - info on t3/t4 and other stuff (i'm also perusing the google group linked to the first site)
so to simplify some of this info - a normal body produces both t3 and t4; the t4 breaks down into more t3 and anti t3 (anti t3 is basically a hormone that slots into the same spot as t3, but doesn't do anything, thus slowing metabolism - it should be produced in large amounts only during times of famine in a normal body)
my tsh and t4 levels were normal on this last round of tests (and normal on the synthroid or t4 only that i was on from my doctor in dc) but my t3 level was about 3% of normal and my anti t3 level was 5x the norm
the new thyroid med they have me on is a combination of t3 and a tiny bit of t4 (as opposed to the synthroid which was t4 only and my body wasn't processing it to t3) - what is called natural thyroid
ok - so in addition to all that, my progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone levels were at almost 0 (yes, women are supposed to have some testosterone - it affects stress management, mood, sex drive, and other things, also in women having too little has been shown to lead to/worsen osteoporosis) and i'm on small doses of all three of those once a day
my dhea & pregnenolone level is really low http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/natural/patient-dhea.html and i'm now taking that, also once a day
cortisol is low http://stress.about.com/od/stresshealth/a/cortisol.htm so i'm taking that once a day
all the non thyroid problems are caused at least in part by a damaged adrenal system or adrenal fatigue - http://thyroid.about.com/cs/endocrinology/a/adrenalfatigue.htm - so i'm taking an adrenal repair formula that includes high doses of B vitamins twice a day, and i'm back on melatonin (dr. anthony had suggested it as well, but it didn't help - i wasn't taking it correctly though) to help me sleep at night (it's working this time) which is very important if i want this to heal
once the adrenal system is repaired i shouldn't need the adrenal repair, dhea, cortisol, and hopefully less or none of the estrogen, progesterone & testosterone
a lot of these hormones also affect immune function - having such low levels of them has "severly compromised" my immune system - white cell counts are very high even though i'm not sick, and my body is treating normal yeasts as an illness - hence the diet changes - i'm cutting out foods with yeast in them entirely for now, and way down on carbs of any type; i will start taking fluconazone http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/medmaster/a690002.html and an anti-yeast vitamin formula and an immune booster (C, echinachea, etc) later this week
i'm actually feeling much better - i've slept well for the last few days, my moods aren't nearly as bad (i've been angry angry angry and depressed - doctor wasn't surprised) and i'm doing better with adding the meds back in one at a time - the only ones i'm not on now are the 3 to boost my immune system, and an additional herbal drug to help me sleep (called rest & restore - melatonin, chamomile, and some other stuff - but it made me hyper, so i won't be trying that one again)

i've been keeping a spreadsheet of all the meds, when i take them, reactions, what i'm eating, how i'm sleeping, pain levels, etc - it's a way for me to keep a bit of control and figure out what things are not working (like the rest & restore making me hyper)
the new thyroid formula seems to be working - i'm not as tired as i have been, and i'm not feeling as bleh and unenthused about everything as i had been so hopefully things will level out soon
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8/8/07 22:48 (UTC)
that would be excellent, especially the stuff you've been posting about w/ chick-pea flour

and a question for you - i don't like baking, but already miss bread like crazy - have you found anywhere that makes yeast free low carb (or no carb) breads like you've been trying yourself?
8/8/07 22:08 (UTC) - A lot to deal with..!
I'm so happy that initially at least, the meds seem to be helping. Hooray!

I know this feels like a lot to juggle, but missing BM this year will be worth it in th elong run to take soem time to REALLY rest & heal yourself. House will be nice & quiet, less people than usual..you can just soak, swim, & sleep! Have you really ever stopped to JUST recharge, after moving across the country? My guess is no.

Good sleep = yay. Moods not to bad = yay. It was good to see you briefly in San Diego, but I wish we coulda hung more..& you seemed really tired.

Spreadsheets: go you. I've had trouble ajusting to my new meds & my horrible reactions to them, but that sounds like a super way to cope. Too bad I'm sucky at spreadsheets!

*hugs with healing mojo*
8/10/07 3:46 (UTC)
Yowsa, not so much fun at all... Good to hear that you are responding to the new medication, though. Melatonin didn't work for me at all, what is the secret??
8/10/07 3:54 (UTC)
take 1-2 right before bed (dissolve them under your tongue) and they last about 3-4 hours for most people; if you wake up in the night and need help getting back to sleep, dissolve another one under your tongue (no more than 4 total per nite)
8/20/13 22:19 (UTC)
What are you taking for yeast? My autoimmune issues are in high gear, which paradoxically always crashes my immune response to NORMAL things. I've been on daily fluoconazole & Nystatin powder (doesn't burn/irritate me like the cream does) for months, and I'm still struggling.

Thanks for this list of resources -- I will pass it along to Kira, too!


8/20/13 23:33 (UTC)
Ugh. I have a body wide skin surface case of candidia at the moment, so I'm probably no help there. We've tried fluconazole (daily and weekly), nystatin oral, high doses of multidopholos, and almost every OTC anti-yeast supplement out there. They all help to a certain extent, but it's never going away.

I've never been offered nystatin powder; I'll have to ask about that. And the creams suck for me too; they just make it go from itchy to full blown rash. I hate it.