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asleep at mal 9/09
2007/2008 wrap-up 
1/3/08 23:59
asleep at mal 9/09
the last week was relaxing - very little work work which was awesome, lots of time to clean/prep for our new year's gathering (small, but interesting and enjoyable)

got a few deliveries of excellent belated holiday gifts including a beautiful print of a photo taken by jennytheonly and a box of cool goodies from staciadevi (the boys loved their baked goods as well)

still not rich, still want at least a friend with benefits, but overall life is good and hopefully 2008 will be even better

guess i should write a bit more about new years eve - we had about 50 people total i think over the course of the nite; enough food and alcohol for a lot more (leftovers just means we won't have to spend as much next time); intelligent conversations intermingled with several totally fubar friends (and a fairly messed up me as well at various points in the night - i got a few really good kisses from a very attractive guy though); and the small freak breakfast new years day was amusing although i was a bit out of it by then as i hadn't slept yet (off switch not working)

plans for this weekend are up in the air, but i know we'll hit bunker friday and a bunch of us may go to see dali at lacma saturday or sunday plus i'll probably hit mal - dancing a lot as usual to keep me sane

healthwise i'm doing ok i guess - weight has stablized at about 120, meds are annoying, diet is still frustrating but i'm coping (now up to 100g of carbs a day - if they're complex natural carbs), bowflex is my friend (not losing muscle mass so far, and i've still got curves) - my next drs appointment is at the end of the month so blood work one day next week (ick) - hopefully my body is starting to heal - i know the diet is permanent, but i'd like to cut down on the number of meds i've got to take every day
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1/4/08 5:04 (UTC)
lol re: diet - it was tagged no adult content actually, not sure why it comes up as adult content unless it's because that's my default (i don't always remember to set that, so i figured better safe than sorry) but i did reset this before posting...
1/4/08 18:49 (UTC)
I'm glad you like it. :)