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asleep at mal 9/09
grrr... idiots all of them 
1/12/08 11:15
asleep at mal 9/09
last night started out disappointing but got better, then this morning i got woken up after about 2 hours of sleep by chainsaws next door - i am very very annoyed and somewhat hungover to boot

week itself wasn't bad - work only annoyed me mildly, and everything else was pretty decent; a friend dropped by and took me out for a late lunch thursday - it was excellent to see him and catch up

last night we went to check out a new friday event called funeral at a club called bordello - it was not good; the space, while pretty, was much much too small, the bar didn't have my drink, way too many mundanes were there, and the music was not my thing; so we left after slamming one round of weak drinks

bunker was much better musically, but there were very few people we knew out - that didn't prevent me from dancing a lot, and i actually (gasp) talked to a few girls - hopefully i'll see them again

back to the house where a few people joined us for hot tub and more cocktails (i could finally get a buzz since i was no longer driving) which was great and everyone was happy til i went to bed about 6; then one of our guests did something amazingly dumb and caused some serious trouble - hoping this will blow over without anything worse happening

and 8am on a saturday is not the time to start using chainsaws - want to kill them, but that would be bad
1/12/08 20:46 (UTC)
In the Empire's code of conduct, using chainsaws at 8am on a saturday is a capital offense. I vote for killing them. With their own chainsaws.
1/12/08 22:17 (UTC)
chainsaws are too messy
1/13/08 0:02 (UTC)
hey - how are you doing anyway? busy with shows i'm certain but anything new/intersting (you can email me if you want to chat off lj - same as my username here, comcast net)

hangover finally abating (chainsaws stopped and i napped in the hammock for a while which helped a lot) so my brain is working a bit now
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
1/12/08 22:15 (UTC)
was a boy, but not my guest really, more a friend of the housemates who i kinda know
1/12/08 23:19 (UTC)
Damnit, I almost went out last minute last night, I got back from dinner with a friend around 12.

People are dumb.
1/12/08 23:57 (UTC)
we didn't make it to bunker til about 12:15 - strange but decent night and the hangove is almost gone finally
1/13/08 16:10 (UTC)
Well, as long as the amazingly dumb thing that got done, is done & won't happen again..

Glad you had fun going out. Doesn't your area have noise-ordinance laws? Feel free to drop your neighbor a friendly note reminding them about that.

Edited at 2008-01-13 04:10 pm (UTC)
1/14/08 2:58 (UTC)
Someone ran a weedeater at about 6:00 am on the weekend here once. There was almost a shanking.

I'll be over bugging you guys as soon as I decide to crawl out of my whiskey bath. I'm celebrating/drowning my sorrows about the job right now. ;)

No Wumpskate for meee...I'll be home alone with Mars and it's a school night, but I want to hang out when I get a moment. (I have alot of doctors appointments to fit in before my health insurance runs out.)
1/14/08 16:09 (UTC)
totally understand; unfortunately, wumpskate is always on the 2nd monday night of the month so it's always on a school nite

that doesn't mean we can't go skating elsewhere/some other time though (well, once i get wheels on the new skate boots that i just had delivered) if mondays are bad for you