alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

open letter to warren ellis (writer of among other things transmetropolitan)

hi warren

i am one of the regulars on your journals/blog/etc, although i don't comment much - my username on live journal and myspace is alumiere (the freak with the purple/red mohawk and the huge spider-lady tattooed on my back)

you are one of the most twisted writers i've had the pleasure of reading - which is a good thing - and i wanted to say thank you

especially for crooked little vein - i've now read it four times since i got it, and scary as it may sound it's become a comfort read (like i said, freak)... yesterday i was having a less than stellar day, so i picked up and read it again

something clicked and i finally figured out just what it is that makes this book hit so hard - trix is an awful lot like me (well, except for the part about her grad work - i was a theatre major and if i'd finished it my thesis would have been on alternative theatre/performance art - the way out there stuff) - and she
says very eloquently the things i frequently find myself discussing with potential partners and doing a piss poor job of explaining

it's really an amazing thing for me to have someone write a character so much like me, and to make her a good person and someone a "normal" guy like mike can love in spite of their differences - it gives me hope

i am going to start handing people a copy of clv and telling them to read it and pay attention to what trix says/does if they want to get a handle on the way my brain works

i especially like the passage on page 90-91 in the harback that includes "Okay. Easy-reading version. I wanted to spend time with you and see what happened. I am kind of a big slut, but i don't give it away for candy bars. I sleep with people i really like. I really like you."

if she weren't so well written, i'd tell you to get the fuck out of my head, but you got it right...

thanks again


p.s. i'm also posting this in my livejournal and on myspace - i'm sure it'll freak some people out, but i don't give a shit
Tags: dating, geek

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