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asleep at mal 9/09
doctor's visit 
1/29/08 17:43
asleep at mal 9/09
so... yesterday was another follow up - no real improvement; my body is not healing itself as hoped

instead he's concerned about my stress levels and i'm concerned about the poor sleep and bad reactions to the pain meds - so he's added clonazepam (valium/xanax like drug) at night to push my off switch, and we're going to try darvon as a pain med instead of the tramadol/ketamine

i stay on the heparin, he upped dosage on testosterone and t3, and my yeast levels are up again since i've increased carbs enough to stop losing weight - so he wants me to take fluconazol to try and bring that back down - he agrees that losing more weight would not be healthy

and my insurance still isn't recognizing my condition/paying for my meds/tests/dr's visits - i get to call and argue with them this week

i'm sick of this now; why won't my body behave itself?
1/30/08 6:13 (UTC)
i don't mean to sound like a cassandra, but there are a few things you need to know.
clonazepam (klonopin) is VERY VERY addictive. if you are taking it every day, you MUST NOT stop taking it abruptly, or even miss a dose--this can lead to seizures. also, klonopin + alcohol = brain fry, in the form of dangerous (you guessed it!) seizures. or else passing out and suffocating. the fun! it's not stopping! fyi i am prescribed it too, 0.5 mg per day, and i take maybe 1 pill per month. i like the booze better, and i really don't like being a big pill-face.
oh, and it also might make you spontaneously lose control of your limbs.

darvon, aka darvocet. nasty, nasty, nasty. several petitions are in place to ban it. the margin of safety is razor-thin; the addiction potential is sky-high. oh, and it actually doesn't help pain much better than aspirin. have you tried lortab? do you see a pain specialist? i don't know how you react to narcotic drugs, but the unfortunate truth is most doctors freak out about the prospect of putting people on narcotic pain medication, when people who actually need it don't actually become addicted since if you NEED it then you have to take it to feel okay anyway, so...
anyway, i wrote no fewer than three memos at my old job about the dangers of darvon; we almost opened lawsuits against it. i can't tell you what to do, but i will urge you to seek out a second opinion. more info on this can be found here: http://www.citizen.org/publications/release.cfm?ID=7420
public citizen is kinda nuts, but their facts are sound.
oh, also, mixing darvon and alcohol can be fatal. so be careful.

i don't mean to lecture, it's just that i am prescribed to one of these and did extensive research on the other, it was my job to know, and i love you and want you to be well.
1/30/08 9:04 (UTC)
thanks - i appreciate the concern

first dose of clonazepam tonight, not sure i like it much; no loss of control, but my brain feels very very fuzzy - only intend to take this when i absolutely must sleep and i haven't been for a few days (and i tend to go for a flexoril + cocktail the first night, i'll take the clonazepam if that doesn't do it for the second nite)

as for the darvon - i take them very very rarely; the unfortunate reality is that between alergies and heparin making whole tons of drugs off limits i can deal with this - i've been on and off darvon for years (ovarian cysts) but at a higher dose than this one, and since i don't like the high i avoid them unless it's that or visit the ER for them to shoot me full of something just as bad

tramadol and ketamine make me hyper and fuzzy and hallucinate bad shit - and if i managed to sleep i've had horrid opiate nightmares on both of them - so i'll take the potential side effects from darvon (not darvocet - can't have the acetominiphin in that form) when i really need pain meds

i too prefer booze, but i'm not supposed to have it (alcohol feeds the systemic yeast infection); i am going to get my medical marijuana card - while i don't like that much either, it's not as bad as any of the above...

i'll be careful (and remember i don't like what any of these meds do, so i only take them when i absolutely have to do so)
1/30/08 15:39 (UTC)
ah, i misunderstood and thought both were to be daily--you can imagine my concern!
1/30/08 20:25 (UTC) - thankfully...
pain and sleep meds are only as needed (and i get to determine what denotes need)

after my first trial of the clonazepam i think i'll use that very very rarely - and half a tablet - dose is .5mg, but man it is nasty - dizzy & nauseaus - so while i did sleep like the dead, it was with one foot on the floor to stop the room spins (see, i did learn something as an undergrad!), today i'm shaky, dizzy and nauseaus and i have a wicked headache - atm i can say that i'll take this if i've had 3 days of no/almost no sleep as a last resort - i can think of much better ways to knock myself out
1/30/08 21:11 (UTC) - Re: thankfully...
that's what i take it for, too, to help me sleep. and like i said, i use it maybe once every few weeks. it does its job like nobody's business, but UGH!

can you believe some people take that for fun?
1/30/08 23:57 (UTC) - Re: thankfully...
nope - but i tend to think that about a lot of drugs
1/30/08 22:22 (UTC) - *support*
I can't offer even a whiff of useful input about the drugs, as the ones I take are 100% different. But I can totally relate to feeling frustrated & impatient. The thigns I got put on the help my metabolism take up to a YEAR to really make a change..but the neaseau, runny guts & mood swings? I get to have those the whole time until then! Wheehaha!

Hmmm, yeast levels being up - no good, right? Well, you can't lose any more weight. Slender is lovely, too skinny would be scary. I know you love food, still. & I know medical marajuana ain't your fave way to go, but it will do wonders for nausea of all sorts, as well as insomnia. & it's gotta be better for you than that shit with all the syllables.