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hmmm... up and down continues, but trying to stick to the up

work, diet, meds, stuff back east continue to be difficult at times but i will deal with it as long as things here continue to be good

last week my free time was well spent - thursday i was taken by a cute boy to check out severance (too uber goth, but i was warned and it was good to get out of the house) then for a late dinner and conversation at nova

friday i had most of the day off and went to the mall (ick) to pick up some new bras as none of mine fit anymore - no wonder - i've gone from a 36C to a 32C - only found one i liked, but at least i know my size now (and vicky's had utter crap, with fredricks being even worse)

friday night of course was dancing at bunker - really good music, i remembered to take the flowers to my favorite dj this time, lots of people i wanted to see... then the lighting rig fell from the ceiling upstairs in the main dance room - luckily no-one was hurt, but they closed the room completely; we left shortly thereafter and headed home, but overall a good night

saturday started out very lazy (whole house in bathrobes curled up on the couches watching pirates 2), but eventually we got motivated and went out for creole food (yum) and to see no country for old men - very disturbing at points, but excellent excellent film - and this was the first time i'd been to an arclight theatre - a full bar in the lobby, the film was 21+ since the entrance was thru the bar, and reserved seating - while the location of that particular arclight sucked i will not hesitate to check out the other ones in our area

sunday was a fairly productive day for me - i got tax stuff ready (still waiting on w2s; they've been mailed but haven't gotten here yet) and did more editing on ninjacooter's book before getting dressed and going to mal for more dancing - music was excellent again, but the crowd was very very odd - there was almost no-one i knew there this week... had a good time anyway, danced a ton and was hungry enough to grab "street meat" - aka hot dog wrapped in bacon - on the way out of the club

this week should be decent as well... it's restaurant week here in la and tomorrow i have a dinner date... then the usual weekend plans of dancing and more dancing with a visit from lou, rob and alexa on sunday
Tags: geek, la life

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