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asleep at mal 9/09
more pics 
2/6/08 0:26 (UTC)
Thank you for the hottness to brighten my day.

the East coast misses you.
2/6/08 0:46 (UTC)
* blush * - thanks

i miss the people, but sooo not the place
2/6/08 1:17 (UTC)
dayum, girl - with a hat like that you could have been in the SciFi production of Dune...
2/6/08 1:32 (UTC)
lol - that wasn't quite what i was going for - it was a recreation of the dark version of erte's queen of the night
2/6/08 2:25 (UTC)
You look so fuckin' sassy. :) GORGEOUS, dahling, GORGEOUS!
(Deleted comment)
2/6/08 3:12 (UTC)
the headpiece didn't stay on once things got crowded - twas definitely a p.i.t.a.

and yeah - i love the new ink (it's a piece of pyrogus's artwork, rendered by jim at saints & sinners in baltimore - he also did the escher piece)
2/6/08 3:00 (UTC)
2/6/08 6:13 (UTC)
Im quite sure50 people already said:
"rowr, that makes me horny baby!"
2/6/08 6:14 (UTC)

all stupid lil me...
2/6/08 6:23 (UTC)
glad i could help ;)
2/6/08 14:23 (UTC)
oh, and i saw your post about the costume clearance - you know my taste, i'm tiny these days (28" waist, 33" hips, 32" chest) - if you see anything that screams me and is close in size, will you let me know?

half my clothes no longer fit, so i've been shopping a bit, but a few good pieces are always welcome
2/8/08 4:43 (UTC)
will do.
(Deleted comment)
2/6/08 14:20 (UTC)
many thanks :) i need to take the base dress in so i can wear it again!
(Deleted comment)
2/6/08 19:38 (UTC) - Re: that reminds me...
that is beautiful!!

but i have one concern - this will be something i want to be able to dance in (ie: hobble opens up to upper thigh/just below my ass but still looks good) then tighten for later

from what i can tell, the zipper runs from waist to hem down the back, and i'm not sure opening it to dance will look right...

could buckles or lacing be run down the back to allow for that additional freedom? you've seen me dance i'm sure - i need the room and i'd hate to either tear it on the first outing or not be able to wear it to the club for fear of just that... i know - a lot more work if it's possible...

2/7/08 3:51 (UTC)
Gorgeous. The back is very flattering! Especially for those with sexy backs :)
2/7/08 13:39 (UTC)
thank you :)
2/7/08 18:07 (UTC)
I really like the blue latex as well. :-)
2/7/08 19:23 (UTC)
it's actually purple, but it's one of my favorite pieces
2/7/08 20:42 (UTC) - huh
thats a great hat
2/7/08 20:48 (UTC) - Re: huh
lol - thanks - it was a bitch to make