alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

an excellent week/end

in keeping with the weather my moods have been beautifully sunny and warm most of the past week...

i am having an amazing time getting to know a very attractive boy, and i'm pretty certain the attraction is mutual

wednesday he and i went out to dinner as part of LA restaurant week at on sunset (
- the food was excellent as was the company and conversation

friday was a short day for me and a day off for him so we went out to skewers in hollywood and did some shopping before hitting the club... as usual the club itself was excellent (loads of good music = sweaty, happy kim, and he likes to dance at least as much as i do - win/win)

saturday wasn't quite as much fun; house and yard work in prep for lou, rob, and alexa coming for a visit sunday... but the weather was fabulous, and we managed to get everything on b's list done so the place looks really good - now to keep it that way as tony fuckin cupo & tess & daughter visit this weekend, and j's parents next weekend

sunday was really good too - lou, rob & alexa came up from san diego for the day, we had cocktails and a tour of the place, then went to west hollywood (and rage's front deck) for more drinks, conversation and people watching (mmmm... eye candy) and dinner at an excellent sushi/japonese place a few doors down (i want their salad dressing - a ginger vinagrette of some type, and the filet i ordered was amazing - melt in your mouth tender, perfectly cooked, and the sauce was incredible)

after dinner we all headed back to the house for more catching up, and about the same time everyone headed back toward san diego it was time for me to get dressed for mal

dancing and more dancing... a little time spent chatting with people but most of the night was spent on the floor... damn i hurt today, but in a really really good way

b, john & i were thinking about hitting wumpskate tonight, but there's no way i can handle that this week (too much dancing/working = exhausted and achy); also, my new skate boots are here, but i've got to get wheels put on them (maybe wednesday i'll take a trip to the pro shop to get that started) - the boys may go without me though

ok - nothing earth shattering, but still, life is good (and i'm hoping that sometime in the near future the other boy i like will have time for a date...) and i'm pretty fucking happy

oh, and wednesday we're going to see devision/necessary response... i'm looking forward to another week of good music and dancing
Tags: dating, la life

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