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asleep at mal 9/09
3 things 
3/1/08 19:52
asleep at mal 9/09
this idea was borrowed from prakriti

take 3 things you want to do but don't and commit to doing them for the next 60 days... the boy i date most frequently and i are going to try it, so for the next 8 weeks i'll be:

1) working out every day (i exercise about every other day atm) and concentrating on my abs in particular (he will be too; we're both in good shape, but want to have flatter stomachs/6 packs)

2) taking better care of my skin - cleansing/exfoliating and moisturizing morning and evening

3) researching and trying at least one totally new kim-safe recipie a week

it started today - i spent about 45 minutes on the bowflex including double the normal amount of crunches and obliques

and my first new dinner recipie - chicken breast stuffed with wild rice, mushroom and sausage stuffing in a wine glaze - will post recipie and review when it's done cooking and have tried it

i'll probably keep a fairly regular log here of progress - fyi my goal isn't to lose any more weight but to get what i have in better shape (maybe even gain a pound or two of muscle?)
3/2/08 5:18 (UTC)
Post pictures of your new dinner attempts! Haha.

And good luck with your new regime. I definitely don't have what it takes right now to do this yet. Maybe next month, after I get my schedule for the next year to come.
3/2/08 6:01 (UTC) - My 3 things
1. W/ you about working out. Since I am only starting it again after not doing it at all for months, I'll settle for doing SOMETHING daily - dancing, walking - SOMETHING.

2. Better stress management - meditating 3X week.

3. - ART. I am so caught up in the business side of things, & hanging around w/ artists more talented than myseklf, I have lost sight of that truth about myself. I WILL DRAW something - even if I hate it - every single week, even though it's con season.

Thanks for the inspiration. It's timelier than you know. Plus, I have just acquired some almond flour, finally. As a helpful side tip, I have now learned that garbanzo bean flour is nutty, but drier-baking than wheat flour - & has about 1/2 the carbs. :) (Based on 1/2 cup serving size - wheat, 55 g of carb, garbanzo bean, 23 g.) But almond - hooray - only 12g of carb for 1/2 cup! & who eats half a cup of any flour product at a time, anyway? I'm thrilled. Will start playing w/ it soon.

I know those salt cookies were awful, BTW. :) I think pretzel cookies are the only salty-sweet combo that's really gonna work.

Edited at 2008-03-02 06:02 am (UTC)
3/2/08 9:51 (UTC) - Re: My 3 things
go you - and good on the flour - can't wai to hear the results

btw, sea salt was too much in/on the cookies - everyone thought so (gone though)