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asleep at mal 9/09
updates - weekend, 3 things 
3/4/08 9:16
asleep at mal 9/09
weekend was for the most part excellent - loads of dancing; good music at both bunker and mal and good company to go along with it...

saturday night was a mixed bag - spicyspookykidd dragged me along to a lesbian event (by the L word folks) at dragonfly (the space for miss kitty's) that was abysmally bad - unattractive at best women oil wrestling, no music just announcers at first, then when the music did start it was untolerable (rap crap, john couger mellancamp, pop crap) - needless to say we were back at the house by 1am and having more cocktails and hitting the hot tub; hot boy came over after his night out though and joined us so that was good at least...

started the 3 things idea on saturday which is going ok so far; having a hard time remembering to do face care before bed, but exercising is good and first new dinner was a big hit with everyone in the house (although a bit time consuming to prepare)


1 bag wild rice (8 oz)
1 small onion
2 shallots
1 bunch parsley leaves
3 turkey sausage links
2 leeks
4 oz fresh shitake mushrooms
1 package button mushrooms
4 cloves garlic
vegetable oil
salt & cracked pepper

cook rice as directed on package in chicken broth

while that cooks, chop vegetables finely, then skin sausage and cook in oil, when sausage is done add in vegetables and cook til soft (I cooked all the other vegetables first, with the sausage, then put that aside in a mixing bowl and added a bit of oil and cooked the parsley very quickly to keep it semi-crisp)

once rice is done add that to the mixture above, salt & pepper to taste and cool

6 chicken breasts
1 cup tawny port
2 cups chicken broth
2 tsp arrowroot
2 tbsp water

brown chicken quickly in butter, stuff each breast, transfer to rack in buttered roasting pan with ¾ c each port and chicken broth; baste chicken every 15 mins while cooking at 350 for 50-60 mins (temp 170 at thickest part) in upper third of oven - i kept chicken covered with foil thru first 3 bastings to keep it from getting too dry; uncovered for the last 15 minutes to brown a bit more

during last 30 mins of cooking add ¼ c broth to leftover stuffing in casserole and bake covered in lower third of oven

transfer chicken to cutting board and remove rack from pan, deglaze on stovetop over moderately high heat with remaining port, then transfer to 1 quart saucepan, boil until reduced to a glaze, then add remaining cup of broth and reduce to simmer. In small bowl stir together arrowroot and 2 tbsp water then whisk it in. Reduce heat to low and cook whisking until slightly thickened (do not boil). Season with salt & pepper to taste.

Arrange chicken and stuffing on plate and drizzle with glaze
3/4/08 17:51 (UTC)
alright, I willbe adding that recipe to my book..
sounds awesome!!
3/4/08 17:54 (UTC)
drool....that sounds fantastic. definitely trying that out!
(Deleted comment)
3/4/08 18:41 (UTC)
no idea on the calories, but a small portion would probably be ok; it's very low carb and low fat (ie: kim safe)

as i keep saying, i'm not trying to lose weight (115-120 is barely enough to not look anorexic) but i miss things like stuffing or chicken and rice so trying to find substitues that i can have (small amount of wild rice is ok when there are a ton of veggies and low fat proteins with it - but staying below 100g of carbs a day is soooo tough, and that's supposed to be forever)
(Deleted comment)
3/4/08 20:39 (UTC)
yeah - i know what you mean; forever is a long time and i miss potatoes too (and bread and crackers and pasta and fruit and...) but ces't la vie; i'd rather have energy and not feel like crap