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asleep at mal 9/09
interesting - why do we study grammar? 
4/3/08 13:35
asleep at mal 9/09
i admit that my writings here aren't always grammatically correct - but that's a style choice in that i've always written in stream of consciousness mode in my journals

on the other hand, almost anything else i write is meant to be read by others not as friends getting a peek at my private thoughts but as a story or documentation or a thought out paper and for those writings i'm a stickler for proper grammer

and in published writing - let's just say i can be a merciless bitch

so this post really makes sense to me (and i suspect a lot of you will concur) - understanding gives you more freedom not less

4/4/08 15:52 (UTC)
One of the comments quotes Orwell, saying, among other things:

A mass of Latin words falls upon the facts like soft snow, blurring the outlines and covering up all the details.

That will stick with me.

I do have another reason to teach kids proper grammar; it is kind of an extension to the "you want to sound proper and intelligent" argument. Particular patterns of poor grammar is often localized, like accents and slang. Together, they can form a local dialect. A dialect that pinpoints where you are from points you out as different, and if that dialect makes it difficult to communicate with people from other regions, others will begin associating that dialect with poor communication skills and, often, stupidity. A uniformity to language is a defense against regional prejudice.

The liberal part of me screams, "That's not fair; it should be those making bad judgments about people based on dialect who should have to change." Sadly, though, trying to force fairness in opposition to human nature has rarely met with much success, while making alterations that flow with human nature does.
4/4/08 16:29 (UTC)
that was a nice post. I think it could apply to all the arts. Although that person might want to tone down the compulsive spazmo-pc-psycholiberal-jive talking!!

and that's coming from me, and I'm a radical kook!
4/4/08 18:46 (UTC)
so i think we will be in LA tomorrow night if it is still cool with you...drop a line (ronin dot lethe at gmail dot com) or give a call and let us know.