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asleep at mal 9/09
update as list 
4/11/08 0:29
asleep at mal 9/09
* life is quite good most days
* work and our IT department are both infuriating some days, but i have a job, i work from home, and it's almost friday
* weight is mostly stable at 115-120 which is about as small as i ever want to get but i'm ok with that
* energy levels are good and moods seem stable - next follow up with doctors is next week
* dating is excellent (i see t most often, but we're keeping things open and will see what happens, although total monogamy is pretty well out from my pov - for now it's good to be happy and there are other dates including cute boy for me and hot girls for both of us)
* i'm finally over the plague and t and i are going to get back to the three things again starting next week (i failed when i got sick)
* clubbing continues to keep me sane, and we've hit some good shows lately including seabound/iris and stromkern in the past 2 weeks (and it's nice to date someone who enjoys dancing as much as i do)
* the lip service warehouse sale 2 weeks ago was good; lots of new stuff for next to nothing (and go figure - b won best dressed again... so more free stuff and a bag of "swag" in the mail)
* i won a gorgeous handpainted corset from delicious corsets (pics soon, i promise) - very surrealist art/steampunk combination
* we went to six flags last sunday with ronin_lethe and officeninja and the park was almost empty - loads of coasters ridden, almost no lines anywhere - a great day, then t and i grabbed g and had dinner at skewers before hitting mal to dance - not sure quite what possessed me to think i could do all that, but what an excellent day
* i love the weather here - warm, sunny, and almost perfect for the past 2 weeks
4/11/08 12:26 (UTC)
And Nooooow it IS Friday! Yay for list of gratitude!
I like vicarious happy. :)
4/11/08 12:33 (UTC)
Which is to say (in my retarded way) I'm glad to hear your happy. And I like reading posts about why people are happy. I find it awesome inspiration to be happy myself. :) So thank you for being happy. :-P
4/11/08 14:30 (UTC) - Fun fun fun fun = wheee!
It's nice to see you enjoying the sun, enjoying people & just plain enjoying life! I've said it before, I'll say it once more = LA suits you, dear.