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almost friday

and tonight i get to go to the club... yeah!! am finally feeling better, cold/flu going away (knock on wood), and i even spent like an hour out in the cold last night helping sam & dianne take down and load the pavillion we borrowed for new years... lots of work to do, but i'm in a decent mood and looking forward to dancing...

a concern i've been having though... a few people i know seem to be trying too hard to fit in with our crowd (especially the pennsic folks) and are getting a bad reputation... one in particular who i've had no problems with (although he is a bit young and somewhat annoying at times) has been flamed all over our chat room recently and i don't quite know how to approach this... from what i have read he did some really stupid things a few years ago, but he was 17 then, now he's 20 or 21 and seems to be ok... many of the posts seem to indicate that no-one is willing to give him a second chance now that he's a bit more grown up...

anyway, must go to work now
Tags: dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast

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