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asleep at mal 9/09
6/7/08 14:34
asleep at mal 9/09
my week has been less than stellar; the amount of work i'm doing is too much and i'm exhausted and cranky

on top of that, my body has been hating me - a migrain thursday followed by another ovarian cyst = loads of pain; so much so that i skipped dancing last night in favor of trying to sleep

plans for the deathguild event in sf got scrapped (too much work - everyone in the house who was planning on going has to go in) which sucks

and stuff with the house in dc is stressing me out tremendously...

on the bright side of things i made a delicious steak dinner on wednesday (huge pieces of top sirloin, marinated in pesto, garlic, & red wine then pan fried with butter, olive oil, garlic & leeks and add the marinade into the pan at the end to make a glaze) - we're still not quite done w/ the leftovers (undercooked the steaks after the 1st batch so they would reheat well) and there are 5 of us eating at home

plus the dancing last weekend was good, ty is helping keep me sane, and i've got lots of fun things to look forward to...

this afternoon/evening b and i are going to hit gay pride for a bit (hopefully the cute girl i met a few weeks ago at mal will show up too), tomorrow is dancing at mal, the combichrist show is coming up fast, plans for burning man are slowly taking shape, we're having a weekend long party for the 4th, and things back east will be finished up one way or another when i come back there for work stuff in mid-july (i'll post dates when i've got them, and if you're a dc local i may beg you for some help to pack/sort stuff at the house and/or a place to stay while i'm there - work will buy the plane tix and rent me a car for most of the trip if i don't need to be put up in a hotel)
6/8/08 12:08 (UTC) - Page turning
That shit is always hard. Being done w/ the house in DC is gonna be so worth the aggravation. How can you soar full-tilt into your future, if you are dragged down w/ weight from your past? Good luck w/ the trip back east. I'm still kind of amazed that I'm so far north that seeing you then would be impractical. Guess I'll have to wait for San Diego. Maybe we can plan that better so I can actually hang out at night one night.

Mmmm, delicious steak dinner. I made one o' those on Thursday..tiny little pieces of locally-raised filet mignon w/ sauteed sweet onions & poblano pepper for a lil' kick, heirloom tomato salad w/ basil & Moz, & a cucumber-dill salad. You win though - leftovers! :)

*smooches* So weird..pride here isan't until July. Everywhere else, it's June.