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asleep at mal 9/09
nina hagen and apocalyptica cover rammstein 
10/27/08 19:18
asleep at mal 9/09

as posted by warren ellis

i think i like this better than the original...

pre-birthday weekend was lovely in every way - lots of dancing friday and sunday, and a smallish gathering at the compound saturday - it seems an excellent time was had by all; good food, good company, lots of drinks, little to no drama = win win night - as for swag, i didn't want or need any gifts but i recieved several excellent ones anyway - a ton of disaronna (always a good choice), tix to "Wicked" here in LA, and a gorgeous pen and ink of t and i as zombies (pic will be posted and iconized once i get a good scan) done by my friend y

birthday itself was like riding a rollercoaster - started out ok, then bad stuff happened both at work and personally and tanked what should have been a decent day; fortunately by the time t got home i was thru crying and had showered and fixed a delicious dinner; he saved the remainder of the night by distracting me for a few hours (wish i could have slept though... off switch not working; too much on my mind)

post-birthday weekend rocked - dancing friday - although bunker was a bit wierd music wise - not a good nite for them, too much of the djs not playing consistent sets and switching up styles/genres/speeds at random - but we had fun anyway

saturday was errands for halloweeen costumes (we're going as the picture mentioned above - yep it's that amazing) and sewing projects plus haircuts followed by a short visit to a halloween party at z/p's place and then some actual sewing got done...

sunday we went to 6 flags (go go season passes) - loads of coasters = very happy kim...

lets see - we rode goliath, scream, round up, batman, viper, gold rush, riddler and colossus before running home to change for the club

then t, a, and i headed to mal and were joined by y, e, and various other freaks for much dancing - music was spot on, the only complaint anyone had was the takeover of the dancefloor by the rhythmically challenged and the smell (cat urine?) radiating off someone's clothes or body... but they left early and we danced our asses off til they kicked us out with military fashion show (best "cheesy 80's song" of the 00s)

now, back to work... it's going to be a crazy week; i'm behind as usual with work, have drs appointment wednesday, must figure out how to do makeup for halloween, then friday am early we fly to vegas for a family wedding (in costume) and hopefully lunch with b & w, and fly back friday night in time for bunker... i suspect by saturday i'm going to collapse for 10-15 hours of uninterrupted sleep
10/28/08 11:17 (UTC)
Hmmm, roller-coaster birthday? That can't have been much fun, the first part. *huggage* But, you made it through to the good part. Wow, when do you stop to take a long breath - Saturday? I admire your whirlwind dervishness. Glad it mostly seemed to come out well overall.

First it was roller coasters metaphorically, then literally. I wish you lived closer, mon cherie! *I* woulda cooked you a birthday dinner. :D What'd you make?

Reading your schedule makes me realize I don't go out. I don't even have plans for Halloween..I didn't even buy the copout witch's hat.

Edited at 2008-10-28 11:19 am (UTC)
10/28/08 11:32 (UTC)
another brisket (this time in two parts - one larger piece for the boys in the main house, one smaller piece for t and i since we eat 5 hours later and it was too much for one pan) - with potatoes cooked in the same pan and a salad

and downtime - yep - next break will likely be saturday

but i'd rather be busy than give my brain time to run in circles atm - and dancing keeps me sane...

as for going out - why not make time to do something fun once a week - i know you're crazy with work and all that but still - i know you're at least a semi-social creature, and you need time with other people too
10/28/08 13:49 (UTC)
AWWW~ happy belated birthday!!!
10/28/08 13:49 (UTC)
also, that song was amazing!!!!
10/28/08 15:35 (UTC)
Happy belated birthday!!

The video is beautiful! We caught Apocalyptica a couple of weeks ago; they were really good live.
10/28/08 20:47 (UTC) - I'm so sorry I flaked on Sunday...
I broke out in hives while on a run in Silverlake that afternoon, and when I got home, I took a antihistamene that knocked me on my ass by 7:00 pm. I slept for 12 hours. I'm an asshole, I know.
10/28/08 21:28 (UTC) - Re: I'm so sorry I flaked on Sunday...
no you're not; and you probably needed the sleep (plus, we called much later than we should due to me being stupid and not bringing the phone to 6 flags and thinking we should call when we headed out of the park, but that was hours later than anticipated at almost 9pm)

want to try for this sunday? i think you'll still be in town sans kidlet and this may be the last chance for a while...

they're doing a masqued ball at mal (ie: loads of pretty costumes, but they're not required - they do at least one ball a month)

if you'd like a masque and don't have one we've got several between the household (of course mal is the steampunk/victorian dress side of the g/i scene anyway, so goggles and/or falls + pretty = costume to them)

hugs, hope you're feeling better
10/29/08 0:13 (UTC)
Definitely better than the original. But then I'm one of the people who never really got Rammstein... if I want to listen to KMFDM, I'll pull out my old Naive...
10/29/08 0:42 (UTC)
agreed - not a fan of most rammstein

but being old i find it too nu-metal for my taste - it has the wrong beat structure (old skool industrial built mostly on funk beats underneath the crunch; rammstein et al not so much - and i want to enjoy dancing to my industrial tyvm)
10/29/08 1:05 (UTC)
Ha. Old, she says.

[pokes user info]

Okay, maybe. I tend to think I'm always the oldest person in the room. (Sunday night, except for the soundman, I was. As usual. And I actually found that out for certain Sunday-- the two guys I thought were my age are 37 and 38. sigh.)

And I like nu-metal. (I rush, rush, rush to clarify: some of it.) I kinda have to, having moved to Cleveland the same year Mushroomhead put out their first album. Nu-metal was born a couple of miles from me.

But Rammstein... I mean, I know people who haven't liked anything since The White Album who've drunk this particular Kool-Aid. And as much as I try to convince them that SO much dance-industrial is SO much better, they all look at me funny. (Well, I can understand that. I have been trying to turn these guys onto Merzbow, Whitehouse, and Current93 for the past decade...)
10/29/08 2:05 (UTC)
lol - not the oldest - 95% of the time that would be me... (although on my flist i do have one friend irl still spinning at 43, and another who'll be 42 in december - but then the next closest would probably be you, gus, et al at 40)

das bunker sometimes makes me feel really old, what with over 1/2 the attendees not being able to drink and all (although it is amusing when kids less than half my age hit on me...)

mostly though, i'm lucky to be aging well and to have relocated to LA where there is an active and vibrant scene. we've got loads of choices for dancing and nearly every good tour comes through town...

and well... re:rammstein they're wrong; there are tons of better dance-industrial choices (and quite a bit of noise as well, though i'm pickier there - still want a meloday or hook and so much of the noise i hear at bunker is like nu-rave only with industrial samples - i am definitely in some ways the kid who grew up on the beatles, bowie, and the kinks before getting into punk when i was 12? 13? anyway ages ago...

oh, and whenever the kids hit on me i laugh a bit and tell them i won't date anyone younger than the mohawk which is now 25... the looks on their faces are priceless