alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

thought provoking at any rate...

presidential election if we were all in the same high school...

note; i'm not sure i agree with any of this, much less all of it, but it has gotten me thinking

i know who i'm voting for and why both nationally and locally (and the reasons have little to do with who they'd be were we in h.s.)

but the real question is - is this how many of the election age voters determine who to vote for? i mean i understand that it's ultimately a popularity contest but what makes one candidate more popular than another...

i hadn't thought about it in these terms, and i can see where this thought process pretty much shows the way the country's looking in terms of which state is leaning toward which president/vp pairing... and i'm really curious - not how are you voting, but does your choice come down to something like this?

that said, everyone who can vote should (and not just for president either - spend a few minutes and research your state and local candidates/referrendums/etc), regardless of whether you think your vote will make a difference or not - you lose all right to bitch about how bad things are if you don't participate
Tags: deep? thoughts..., political

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