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asleep at mal 9/09
11/4/08 21:29
asleep at mal 9/09
i'm gobsmacked about the election turnout - both in total voters at the polls and that we'll start the new year with a black president (and at some of the states where he won)

but i'm equally amazed by mccains concession speech

i hope this is a harbinger of good things to come for america as a whole; that we'll come together to fix what's wrong with this country

and as a friend with young kids pointed out if nothing else... her kids will be raised in a country where it is a fact that a "minority" can win the presidency

eta but i am appalled that prop 8 is currently winning in ca
(Deleted comment)
11/5/08 6:27 (UTC)
I think (s dakota) one of the major vicious abortion ones didn't pass as well.

sad that prop 8 kind of got lost in the momentum of the rest of the evening.
11/5/08 5:56 (UTC)
see now this kills me (prop 8).
there is so much turbulence atm, in so many ways--i did NOT like Obama but i am not giving up hope on my country and her people.


i absolutely refuse to see how, let's say, if you and i decided to run off together--how forbidding that could make ANY difference in any positive way...
in this day and age our big concern is who other people love?


11/5/08 6:03 (UTC)
prop 8 passing will piss me off, hopefully the court will declare the removal of rights to be unconstitutional regardless of what a bunch of ignorant bigots think.

but thank something obama won, i was really starting to worry about things.
11/5/08 6:17 (UTC)
Gobsmacked is quite the word. The mood where I voted was positively jubilant. Free at last, free at last..