alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

quickie update

moving = mostly done for the moment, but we'll be moving again in the spring as b & j will be getting rid of the house - too expensive

birthday - was excellent as noted earlier, here's the pic i got as a gift (also posted as my new icon) - based on a few photos of t and i at various club nights and we dressed as this for halloween (no pics of that yet, but soon i'm sure)

halloween weekend was crazy insane but fun - wedding was lovely (and flights to/from vegas weren't too bad), bunker rocked but i was totally exhausted, saturday was spent sleeping and sewing, sunday at mal was awesome

this weekend's plans include bunker tonight, "bat's day" black market (think freak day at disney with 2000 people and a mini-con) and repro (the genetic opera) tomorrow, and mal sunday - must get my dance on as usual

one more pic - from 9/08 at mal (with lightup hawke)

trying really hard to keep all the negative stuff out of my journal atm, it's there but i'm actively working to not let it get me down (hence keeping busy with cheap/free activities)
Tags: creativity, pictures, weekend plans

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