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asleep at mal 9/09
trip back east 12/13-12/16 and a stop at eshock 
11/25/08 18:30
asleep at mal 9/09
well... my mother's given me an early x-mas gift; she's flying me back east to see my grandmother before she passes away (end stage cancer - but she's had a good and full life) but it's a very short visit and it's all about mom/grandma

it's going to be a tough 30 or so hours once i hit mom's, but since i have to drive through baltimore saturday evening i'll be grabbing dinner somewhere (probably the mt vernon stable around 8:30pm) and hitting eshock before heading the rest of the way up to pa

if you want to see me before next summer, please come out

and if you want to join in on dinner plans let me know so we can coordinate estimated time and a reservation if there are a lot of us

p.s. please feel free to pass this on to mutual friends who don't lj/myspace
11/26/08 3:59 (UTC)
I am down for dinner (call me at 301 233 0298). NOt so much for electro anythign though.

Condolences on the circumstances of your visit.
11/26/08 4:51 (UTC)
i'm glad you are going to be able to make it back, thou i'm sorry for the reason & circumstances that make it so hard.
11/26/08 15:06 (UTC)
Argh! hotfix and I have a couple of things already on the calendar for the 13th, but we may be able to squeak in some dancing later on in the evening.
11/26/08 17:20 (UTC)
I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother.

If you ever need to escape the City of Angels, we have a guest room up here...
12/4/08 16:20 (UTC)
Hi, Kim. Our regular Eshock crew (Me, Dr. Peter, Deanna, Becky, Joe, Bicycle Mike, etc, most of whom I think you know) are planning a dinner that night as well, before Eshock. So in the event you want to try something different other than the Stable, we often plan dinners at this place called Nacho Mamas in the Canton neighborhood. That is, if you like really good mexican dishes, not just nachos, as well as really good Margaritas. I know it'll be a stressful weekend for you, so let me know if you're interested. If you're not, we'll probably just show up for grub wherever you are.
12/4/08 16:31 (UTC)
since it's not just me and i really want good ribs which i have yet to find in la (plus i'm kinda spoiled by the mexican food here) i'm going to stick with the stable (although i've met peter and deanna at nacho mamas once when i was visiting and it is quite good)

no worries if you want to stick to your plan for dinner; i will see you all at the club either way - i expect to stay til 12 or 1 but head out before closing as i'll have an hour drive afterwards at least
12/4/08 16:49 (UTC)
let me know what time you're aiming for and we'll join you at the Stable! :-)